At the heart: dresses. And they are all meticulously curated by brand creator, Julie Pesant. “In order for a dress to find its way into the store, I have to love it enough to want it for myself.”

The Éditions de Robes boutique is located in the heart of Mile End, a lively neighborhood that’s one of Montréal’s main areas of creative expression.




In store offering

House Label - The eponymous Edition of Label Dresses

Dresses and other categories created and selected according to a strict criteria: sophisticated and simple designs with superior quality and precise detailing from sketch to finish. Silhouettes are varied, modern and sexy. These are so easy to wear and cut perfectly from size 0 to 14.


Collaborations - Exclusives by local talents

A selection of meticulously curated products designed by cherished creatives, meeting the quality standards set by Éditions de Robes. You will find items from accessories to homeware and beyond!


Archives - Contemporary vintage finds

Unique vintage designer items that Julie has sourced for Éditions de Robes. Timeless pieces - works of art in their own way.





Éditions de Robes offers attentive, impeccable and personalized service. We provide alterations upon appointment so that all our customers feel completely at ease with their choice.

You may also customize a particular style. We can tailor the length, material and certain other details of an Éditions de Robes style to your specifications.

Our team can also help you choose from a selection of accessories and jewelry in store. We are very pleased to offer a turnkey service.