A love affair with the dress


It’s a story of a passion, relentless, exclusive. A love of the simple dress, or of the funky dress. For the every day dress or the once in a lifetime one. Because the dress is a woman’s statement, her foreword, her voice. To express who she is, the dress says it best. That ideal dress, Julie Pesant, the creator of the brand, had long envisioned it. It would be easy to wear, easy to endorse. The cut would be razor sharp and would suit the wearer, whatever her silhouette. Not missing a beat, that dress would nevertheless be a sure bet, her expiry date way past that of the flavour of the month. Fabrics would be key. Julie would only pick the nice, stiff ones, the ones that stand for themselves and make you in turn feel confident. All these wonderful dresses would be designed and devised in Montreal, of course, to the highest of standards. Their prices, however, would be such as to make them even more desirable. From a dream turned ambition, a brand was born.


The dress remains of course at the heart of our business. That being said, as of Spring 2021 we will add new categories to our offering, key pieces, more effortless for an efficient wardrobe, with the unique point of view of EDR.